8 struggles of living in hostels

As you know hostels are for short term accommodation. That’s why they are cheaper and smaller than hotels. And kind of uncomfortable. Of course, those places are great for meeting new people from different countries or having fun nights with a group of friends. But for long terms it may turn to be a horror story! Now I want to share my hostel experiences I gained while my staying in Budapest.

1. Terrible kitchen and bathrooms.
When I went to Budapest, my university offered me one month staying in a cute, small hostel. Honestly, their kitchen and bathrooms were usable. Nothing destroyed, nothing dirty. But unfortunately, things don’t work like this. After living in an apartment, I had to move a new hostel. Although they had a nice view, an amazing restaurant and a kind owner, the kitchen and bathrooms sucked! People did not wash the dishes after cooking, taps even didn’t work, there were only 2 toilets for the whole hostel! Nightmare!

2. No chance for studying.
Probably you are aware of the prices in hostels. Taking single room isn’t a choice if you are a broke student. 4 or 6 beds dorms are fun and affordable when you get on well with your roommates. But if you have tons of articles to read, essays to write, then take your stuff and go to the toilet. At least you can find silence in there!


3. Living in your luggage.
This is the worst! THERE IS NO PLACE FOR YOUR CLOTHES!!! Okay, understood, hostels are for short terms. But come on! No one can even put their hats in those tiny closets! If you are going to stay in a hostel more than 3 weeks, be ready for a huge mess. (Sometimes you cannot even find laundry or iron)

4. Shared showers.
Yes, you read right! In some hostels there are shower cabins which are aligned in a common bathroom that people also go to toilets. We found a solution for this with girls. Papers with “Girls in shower! Please, do not come in.” sentences on them were enough to stop boys doing perverted things. (Thank God)

6. Annoying roommates.
This doesn’t need an explanation I think. You know there are plenty kinds of them: noisy, lazy, overly tidy, dirty, envious, thief, insincere.. We all are one of them.

7. Damn alarms!
The more roommies you have, the more alarms will wake you up! Maybe you have afternoon classes or you just want to stay in bed all day. You know what? It is not going to happen! At least you won’t be able to sleep till your roommie leave the room. Not that simple actually. Alarm rings, rings, rings.. Finally rommie wakes up, makes noises, gets ready.. After ages leaves the room. And boom! You are not sleepy at all! Now time to get up and go for a walk. Cause you are a bit annoyed.

8. Missing homemade food.
You can’t cook every day because of classes, tiredness and sometimes mess of kitchens. Noodles and microwaves become your best friend. There is nothing more natural than crying for food that you were used to eat daily at home.


I lived in hostels nearly 4 months. Beside all of these struggles, there are some advantages of living in hostels. You can get new experiences by the help of communication with different people, also this is a great way to feel independent and be ready to live alone, apart from your parents one day.

If you have any experiences, thoughts or ideas, please share us on comments! 🙂

Live long and prosper!